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SEO & Marketing

SEO experts to shape your rankings with advanced tools and know-how in SEO and proficiency in e commerce marketing tools to enhance revenues

Social Media Plugin

Know-how in apps downloadable from Shopify’s Appstore for quick and easy social media integration

Sale in mind built up

Proven knowledge in downloadable tools for social media integration, email marketing etc to bring high conversion rate

What We Do?

CartKnitter experts for Shopify development extends their service to create your online store attractive to compete in the global market. Knowledge on the in-built apps of more than 1800 on the Shopify Store adds CartKnitter’s brilliance in making customers’ website standalone. CartKnitter explores a hundreds of stunning themes and creates a gorgeous store for customers absolutely in no time.

Sales Oriented

Swift in adding new sales channels would aid customers by opening windows to new way of earning

Boundless Inventory Management

Can manage unlimited number of products and inventory

Shopify Analytics

Can Track sales and growth trends would aid customers by brining purchase behavior and trends in their finger tips

Why Shopify

Shopify is an e commerce platform for small and medium-sized online businesses. Shopify is enriched with easy scalability to high volume traffic and downloadable advanced features, seamlessly supporting online businesses with minimum of efforts for a stunning online store. Shopify development platform requires minimal technical expertise to launch a basic store added with an in-house hosting service. This advantage makes shopify the most popular among startup online stores.

Shopify offers an intuitive and user-friendly admin interface to handle store management easily and swiftly. The built-in speed and security feature for hosting afford customer to handle servers without technical problems. In short, the store owner need not worry about troubleshooting server problems, as Shopify itself manages server maintenance and upgrades for ensuring zero down time and quick loading of pages. Shopify’s payment method is PCI compliant and have its own payment gateway powered by Stripe, though it is integrated with various other payment gateways. Integration of Shopify’s own payment gateway not only secures customers’ financial information but also enable them with zero transaction fees.

Shopify development is well known for its built-in SEO features with powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features that offers customers higher traffic and website rankings. The advanced analytics is also a sound feature of Shopify as it automatically integrates Meta descriptions and tags even at the time of page creation. Additionally, Shopify development through an expert developer facilitate customers with advanced marketing tools like social media integration, product reviews and email marketing. The abandoned cart recovery is another advantage, as the defaulter receives an automatically generated email on their incomplete purchase.

Shopify development is more popular for integrated Buy button feature to sell products online, bringing wide reachability for the product in the online marketplace. Shopify provides mobile responsive themes which can be fully customizable to create beautiful and unique online store. Customer service experiences at Shopify are unmatchable with instant and accurate response time. In addition, Shopify possesses huge database of FAQs to resolve issues themselves and also have a proficient team to handle email, chat and phone support.

The key features of the plug-in are summarized as follows:

  • Fully customizable online store
  • Speed Optimized servers for fast loading
  • Manage unlimited products and inventory
  • Enhanced Inventory Management
  • Advanced Analytics

Top brands using Shopify for their website:


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